The Test of Time

The biggest testament to both quality workmanship and materials is how well the end result stands up to the test of time. Everything looks great when it is new! New clothes have bright, vibrant colours with no pills, stains or tears. New floors don’t squeak. Neither skylight or windows leak when they are new. Kitchens gleam with shiny new appliances while the cupboards and drawers open and close smoothly and properly.

Over time, however, all of these things can break down if not cared for properly. Yet hardwood still shouldn’t squeak, millwork should still open and close, and windows are never supposed to leak.

Here are some projects that we’ve done that have stood the test of time.

Guelph – Project completed in 1999

This post-war era bungalow used to have 3 small bedrooms and a cramped kitchen. There was a hallway that connected the bedrooms, washroom and kitchen which ate up valuable living space and restricted the possible layouts for the bathroom. The project removed the hallway and transitioned that space to be into working space included in a bright open concept kitchen. One of our specialties is the barrel vault with light alcove as these pictures show.


The middle bedroom was opened up to become this lovely dining room. The ceiling was vaulted and the skylight was installed. The original owner had sage green walls, but even though the new owner has changed the paint colour the vaulted ceiling and skylight remain as they were. The client had room in the basement that let them take the bedroom that was removed and create a new one downstairs so that the home still had the same number of bedrooms.

When the hallway was removed and the dining room created next to the existing bathroom, it removed any restrictions holding the clients to the existing washroom floorplan. It allowed the door to move from the hallway over to the new dining room. This allowed us to create a large walk in shower where the door used to be. This room also had the ceiling vaulted and another skylight installed here too. Even though the shower is now far away from the room’s window, it is still nice and bright.

Now that someone would be living in the basement, a washroom needed to be created. There’s no need for a washroom to be dark and cave-like because it’s in the basement. If you have the room, a full bathroom with luxurious spa steam shower can be created.

Stay tuned for another project that has passed the test of time!

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