White bathrooms

To most people white means bright and clean, especially when discussing bathrooms and kitchens. Others think of it as too stark, and it can be a cold colour. However, the warmth and coldness of the bathroom heavily depend on what the white is paired with. The easiest thing to change is the paint colour on the walls if your permanent and hard to replace items like tiles and fixtures are white. Below are some samples of white bathrooms that are all completely different even though the base is white for those permanent items.


White on white

The light coming through the windows might make the paint colour look like something other than white, but this room really is white on white. The simple colour scheme really makes the veining on the Carrera  marble really stand out. It’s bright, simple and the artwork maintains the same colour scheme. The change from square Carrera to linear mosaic tile in the soap niches is the only thing to draw your attention to those features.


White and blue

Once again the paint on the walls is a simple white leaving the accent tiles and the countertop and sink on the vanity  to make the statement with colour. The herringbone pattern on the floor and shower wall adds visual interest and depth without adding any different colours to the pallet.


White and grey

Once again the tiles are white and Carrera marble, with the addition this time of “bling” in the shower with crackled clear glass tiles. What can we say, we love the herringbone pattern, which shows on the floor in the runner tile. However, this time the walls are a warm grey which completely changes the room, especially when you consider it against the rooms shown above. The artwork in this washroom pulls in pink and purple as accent colours, without making the room overwhelmingly pink or purple. It also pulls in the grey, chrome and the whites found in various parts of the washroom. Change the artwork out for something else and the tone of the room would change as well.


We like all of these rooms, and are proud of our work in each of them. Which one is your favourite that you’d love to see in your home?



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