Welcome to Perfect Fit Ltd.


Commercial projects require precise coordination between the owners, tenants, project managers, designers/architects, trades people along with the city and their inspectors. We have worked at all levels of projects, from wielding the tools onsite to project management. All of this must be done while adhering to safety codes and deadlines.

Residential projects, especially of older homes, require specific skills and knowledge to renovate properly. Surprises can be hiding behind your walls that require flexibility and ingenuity to deal with. We can help you with those little fixer-uppers that you might not be able to handle yourself, up to complete overhauls of rooms. Our team can ensure your completed renovation meets or exceed your expectations while helping you create your décor style, yet still staying within your budget. Our goal is to make your home the place that you want to be.

Our team has been working in the construction industry for over 25 years.